Recurring Deposit Calculator

What is the calculator about?

The RD calculator or Recurring Deposit Calculator helps you to calculate the maturity value of your deposit amount with a fixed interest rate that is decided by the respective bank.

How to use it?

The maturity value of the deposit amount depends on the amount that you added in RD account for a certain period of RD and the interest rate of the same time.

The example we will give you below and you can follow that example to calculate your RD.

What does it show?

On submitting the desired information, the calculator of RD will show the final maturity value from the starting time to RD closing time. In addition, if somehow you break-up the RD before maturity, the investment amount and the interest earned will be shown accordingly.

How the result come?

The below formula used for calculating the maturity value of a recurring deposit over a certain period and a certain interest rate. The formula is:

A = P*(1+R/N)^(Nt)

Here, A is the maturity amount, the deposit amount is ‘P’, ‘N’ is the compounding frequency, R is the interest rate in percentage and ‘t’ is the tenure.

For a 1 Year RD of Rs 7,000 at 8 percent per annum, then the maturity value will be:

A = P(1+R/N)^(Nt) = 7000(1+.0825/4)^(4*12/12) = …

Next Month

= 7000(1+.0825/4)^(4*11/12) = …






= 7000(1+.0825/4)^(4*1/12) = ….

Total maturity value ( sum of series) = Rs (total of 12 month)

Hope this will help you to calculate your RD maturity value.